Video Recording

Video Studio

The Video Studio at EW is fully equipped for the modern film maker.

With a dedicated green screen room immediately adjacent, the video studio is the perfect creative environment.

Equipped with a number of Apple iMacs running the latest version of Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premier Pro editing can be done with speed and ease.

Students at EW are taught primarily on FCPX but also given the opportunity to complete a project on Premier Pro so that they can gain skills across a number of different platforms.

Completed projects are often shared and able to be viewed on Rother TV - Our very own TV station for young people.


Students are taught on both traditional video cameras such as the Sony Z1 but also how to use DSLR?s for film making.

Attention is played to teaching skills that can be transferred such as shot set up, camera angles, shot lighting and sound.

Lesson on accessories such as sliders and jibs play a part in all course that EW run.