Film Making
This course is designed in two levels parable to our accreditation scheme:

Bronze Level: This level gives you a basic introduction to the equipment you will be using during this course.

As well as this you will:

a) be given the skills needed to produce a styoryboard for the ideas of your production

b) identiy the roles needed to complete the film (i.e camera operator, sound recordist,  lighting director and actors)

c) Deliver a demonstration or workshop on the skills you have learnt in a community setting

d) Produce a short film of your work

This award is achieved in a minimum of 40 hours


Silver Level: Gives you all the skills you achieve under the Bronze level plus:

a) Setting yourself an achievable improvement of your chosen skill over a specific time period

b) Researching in depth the current provision/opprtunities in your local area

c) Planning and delivering a workshop (taking responsibility for a specific piece of the workshop), and communicating this effectively

d) Produce a film of your work

This award is achieved in a minimum of 60 hours


Digital Film Production

The emphasis of this course is on the creative and practical side of video production. The course covers the basic knowledge required to produce a short video. Everything is introduced including basic story boarding, digital camera operation, lighting, sound and digital computer editing on an industry leading application ? Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premier Pro.

The course is very ?hands-on? and practical in its approach with students being exposed to a range of industry standard applications. EW has invested in the latest professional technology to give our students the edge in this competitive market.

You would benefit from this course if:

-You want to learn how to script, storyboard, direct and shoot your own video.

-You want an edge on your existing production techniques.

-You are passionate about video production.

-You intend to study further in this area.