John Phillips
The second son of Granville and Pauline Phillips, I was born in Cannock, Staffordshire on the 11th August 1964. My parents, although now deceased, remain to be my inspiration as to the protection and the caring of all people. As foster carers, I would see literally hundreds of special needs children enter my parents’ home over a life time of years. Is it any wonder that I now work in a world that sees the need for the protection of all?

As a qualified, trained and practised medical instructor, my world of work is focused on humanitarian aid and the protection of others. I have travelled extensively to war torn countries and countries where disaster has befallen them due to natural occurrences. Be it medical assistance or simply the providing of basic fundamental needs like food and water, I play my small role in an effort to help the people of our world.

Here in the UK I own and run a medical training company. It is here that I found a new focus. The protection of a free health care system for everyone. I started National Health Life Support to run alongside my company, EMTS, Eastbourne Medical Training Services, as a social community development program and initiative to support and protect our NHS. We all need a free health care system yet I fear that our people, in as little a time period of 10 years, will lose our NHS system in favour of private health care. Millions of our people with suffer. NHLS is a working plan which will help to stop this from happening.

I continue to remain focused on assisting where I can in the preservation of health and care.